40 Day Yoga and Meditation Challenge to Awaken Intuition

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On January 8, 2018 we will begin our 40-day Yoga and Meditation Challenge to Awaken the Intuition! What a great way to begin the New Year!

This meditation is focusing on awakening your Intuition, often known as the third eye.

Have you ever had a moment where you felt as though something was not right? Perhaps feeling negative around someone without knowing why, or not comfortable walking in the parking lot late at night? If you have experienced this before, have you shrugged it off, dismissing it as illogical nonsense? As a culture, we have learned to believe that rationality is what should prevail when making decisions. But what about that “inner voice,” that gut feeling, that little something instinctual from within that tells us how we feel beneath those layers of logic?

Studies now show that only twenty percent of the brain’s gray matter is dedicated to conscious thoughts, while eighty percent is dedicated to non-conscious thoughts.

A 40-Day Challenge is a daily practice. It is your daily personal commitment to Yourself!

You are invited the join the fellow yogis at RYK and practice daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes tailored for this special Challenge.

The program is simple to follow: you can attend any Kundalini Yoga or Meditation class on the schedule and complete 40 classes in 40 days straight. There is no experience necessary and there are lots of prizes for all completing the program!

“Keep up and you’ll be kept up!” Yogi Bhajan