A student’s perspective on kundalini yoga teacher training

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The me that walked into RYK Yoga and Meditation Center less than one year ago never dreamed that I would be taking cold showers and waking up before the sun; although there are difficult days, the process and molding to become a Kundalini yoga teacher has opened my heart and mind to a more true sense of self. For some time I had been seeking out a path of devotion and after my first Kundalini yoga class a profound resonance overcame me. RYK Center felt like home. I often think to myself how crazy it all seems when doing the unique kriyas and odd meditations. The discipline can be tough and I can be resistant, yet it is the challenge that keeps my passion alive. I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger. Truly, the door of liberation is opened with Kundalini.

We are half way through our RYK KUNDALINI YOGA teacher training program and it is an on and off the mat practice. Throughout the course we have learned values and techniques that encourage self-mastery including the importance of reverence for our selves and our breath; self-reflecting and asking who am I; properly using our naval as our source of power; and consciously breathing using our entire lung capacity. These mindful practices reflect the subtle magnificence of our human experience. Personally, reconnecting oneself to one’s Divine nature.

We spent our last weekend together learning about the yogic tradition, specifically the branch of Kundalini Yoga. What I learned: yoga comes from the root yug, which means to unite. More importantly, as written by Cosmin Mahadev Singh, yoga is the complete realization of the already existent union. It can be understood that there is no separation of matter and spirit only the mind’s illusion. Yogi Bhajan spoke of this realization as an “… experience [that] goes straight to your heart… no one can take that away from you.” It is a gift and privilege to practice Kundalini Yoga sharing teachings and a tradition that inspires one to wholly know their true nature.

We look forward to celebrating the first ever Las Vegas Kundalini yoga teacher training and RYK graduating class in July. Stay tuned for more magic! Sat Nam!

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By: Ashley Hardy