Cory Brown Doctor of Psychology Certified Past Life Regressionist Ordained Spiritual Counselor

Doctor of Psychology
Certified Past Life Regressionist
Ordained Spiritual Counselor

Cory Brown earned his doctorate in Child & Family Psychology in 2004 from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco. He worked for several years in community based health settings practicing therapy & social work with underserved & economically challenged clientele. Cory has also worked for many years with the Social Security Administration in the Center for Disability as a Psychological Medical Consultant.

Cory began practicing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation when he moved from California to Las Vegas, and his life began to open. The Yoga practice & teachings delivered by Cosmin Mahadev Singh brought a spiritual & physical renewal to Cory’s life, triggering a series of events that placed him on his current path. Feeling renewed by the Kundalini Teachings, and inspired by meetings with Metaphysical Healer & Spiritual Activator Gypsy Gita, Cory began studying the use of spiritual applications in psychology, including the past life regression work of Dr. Brian Weiss. Upon reading this material Cory was very moved as he knew he had found both career & life changing teachings. With these powerful spiritual teachings to add to his psychology background, Cory was reborn into a new expansive paradigm for helping people heal & grow on a deeply effective level.

After attending an amazing Past Life Regression Certification training in Sedona, Arizona with internationally renowned teacher Mary Elizabeth Raines, Cory began developing his own unique style of healing sessions, incorporating together past life regression, meditation teachings, dialogue therapy, energy release techniques, and writings by Spiritual Regressionist Dr. Michael Newton. Cory feels extremely excited & blessed for the opportunity to practice his healing sessions at his home away from home, RYK Yoga & Meditation Center, working with amazing people in such an incredible setting.

Cory is also a singer/songwriter & has recorded two acoustic alternative rock albums. He is currently working on plans to record a third album, this one dedicated to the Kundalini Teachings that renewed his life. If you are interested in Cory’s music, please visit his music website at

To contact Cory, please call him at (702) 605-9190, or send him an email at

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