Daisy Nepomucemo

Retail Manager

Daisy Nepomucemo

Daisy was raised here in Las Vegas, NV. She is the middle child of 5 children. She grew up in a traditional Mexican family. Being a first generation Mexican-American has pushed her to always challenge her upbringing and to search for a greater meaning in life. She began practicing meditation in 2013 after suffering with post-partum depression. After becoming a mother for the second time in 2015 Daisy was intrigued with expanding her spirituality after taking a couple reiki sessions. She had a complete lifestyle change after becoming a reiki master. She incorporates reiki in to her daily life and has a healthier and more positive approach to situations.

Daisy comes into the role of Sales/Desk Manager at RYK from a background in Retail management. She has been led here in her pursuit of a happier and more meaningful life. She is inspired to help others to heal and to live healthier lives by treating everyone with unconditional love and compassion.

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