Nevyana Trifonova Doctor of Divinity Total Body Modification (TBM) Environmental Stress Management (ESM)

Doctor of Divinity
Total Body Modification (TBM)
Environmental Stress Management (ESM)

Nevyana Trifonova is a fourth grade teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. She moved from Bulgaria fifteen years ago, and has been recognized as “Outstanding Student” at the Fifth Annual Literacy Awards Ceremony in  2001, “Cambridge Who is Who” for Executives and Professionals in 2007, awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Perfect Work Attendance in 2009, and Best Classroom Climate” in 2010. She was also nominated for “2016 Nevada Teacher of the Year Recognition Program”.

Nevyana completed her first Bachelor of Science in Economics, and Master of Science in Marketing and Management in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2008, she earned a  Master of Arts of Education degree at the University of Phoenix. Nevyana’s degree collection continued with a Doctor of Divinity in 2010.

Growing up and learning from her grandmother, who was a natural healer, working with children with behavioral and learning challenges, as well as facing her own health difficulties, sparked her interest in the holistic approach to health care. She took her first ESM seminar in June of 2009 with Dr. Lorann Blaine MD.,DD.,MsD, and was blessed to learn from the phenomenal founder of ESM and TBM, Dr. Victor Frank. He encouraged her to continue learning and attend TBM seminars, which she did following Dr. Kevin Millet, and Dr. Tim Francis in the last seven years. Nevyana Trifonova has been applying ESM and TBM techniques, FlorAlive Essences, and Dr. Francis’s work for more than six years, helping friends and family experiencing optimal wellness.

In the summer of 2015, Dr. Lorann Blaine mentored Nevyana Trifonova to get certified as an ESM instructor. Nevyana is inspired to continue the legacy of ESM, and is eager to share the powerful knowledge, and miraculous experiences with ESM worldwide. She was honored to present the first ESM in Las Vegas, NV in February, 2016. She can be reached at, and (702)321-4351.

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