Patrick Ross Scott Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Master Practitioner of Time Empowerment Techniques (TET) Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),
Certified Master Practitioner of Time Empowerment Techniques (TET)
Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Patrick Ross Scott, PhD, LCSW, DCSW, FAPA is Executive Vice President and Clinical Director of Heads Up Guidance and Wellness Centers of Nevada. Former clinical social work specialist and clinical manager at the Emergency Department of Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California, Dr. Scott brings additional specialties in mental health, healthcare administration, mediation, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution between disparate groups.

For the past 20 years, he has consulted with, trained and coached several healthcare organizations and Fortune 50 Corporations as well as many non-profit organizations in the arenas of leadership development, communication and accountability. Bringing a wealth of experience in human behavior, Dr. Scott is committed to assisting individuals, families and organizations toward the integration of the essential elements of physical, intellectual, emotional, intuitive and spiritual resources toward achievement of organizational objectives, personal development and lasting, foundational effectiveness.

Dr. Scott is a Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (DCSW) and a Fellow of The American Psychotherapy Association (FAPA), a Charter Member of The Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP), a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Master Practitioner of Time Empowerment Techniques (TET) and a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. Additionally, he is a member in good standing of The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and The American Psychotherapy Association (APA).

In 2008, Dr. Scott was inducted into The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry as a VIP and Lifetime Member having been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of behavioral health care.

Dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations to realize their full potential, Dr. Scott works with communities to build trusting relationships in and out of the clinical arena. His strong background in education and human relations contributes to developing safe environments that foster independent learning through self‐evaluation and uncommon collaboration.

Dr. Scott holds a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Social Work degree from California State University Long Beach. He retains licenses in clinical social work (LCSW) by The California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the State of Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers. Dr. Scott also maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he specializes in work with traditionally underserved populations.

He is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Hypnotherapy, Neuro‐linguistic Programming (NLP) and Energy Work for Touro University Nevada and has served as Adjunct Professor of Social Work for California State University Long Beach and additionally supervised graduate students from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC) and Loma Linda University. He currently supervises undergraduate students, graduate and post‐graduate interns in the behavioral sciences from University of Nevada Las Vegas, Regis University, Kapella University and The University of Phoenix and has been officially recognized by the American Red Cross in appreciation of his commitment to tissue transplant recipients and their families.

His rich experiences of living and traveling throughout the world have fostered a passionate concern for the issues and challenges of our increasingly diverse and global communities. His vision is to assist individuals and groups to take greater responsibility for improving the quality and effectiveness of their personal and professional lives. His commitment is to create bridges of dialogue and shared vision.

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