Easy Breath Technique to Give You More Energy

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What can you do during the day when you feel tired and you need extra energy?

People usually turn to drugs, sugar, alcohol, and other ways to get some extra boost of energy, but there is a free and natural remedy that has no unwanted secondary effects.

Breath! In particular, breathing through your right nostril. At any given time we only breathe through one nostril at a time. You can check which nostril is working by placing your palm under your nose and exhaling powerfully; this will tell you which nostril you breathe through. Every 90 minutes or so, the nostrils will change and the other one will start working. You do breathe through both nostrils simultaneously at the time when they change from one to the other, and in other very rare occasions.

In order to get that extra energy you need, you must make sure your right nostril is the one working. This will connect you with the Sun energy and will get you a clear mind, focus, strength, and extra energy on the spot.

There are several ways to open the right nostril, the easiest way is to physically close the left nostril (you can just gently press your left index finger to close it) and inhale and exhale through the right nostril. In 3 minutes you should feel a difference in your energy.

Learn to manage your energy so you can move through time and space easier!

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