Easy Breath Technique for Relaxation

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Let’s talk about what you can do throughout the day to relax!

Under normal circumstances you are only breathing through one nostril at a time. If you exhale powerfully you will notice that you are breathing through either the left or right nostril. If you are into a “go go go” state, then your right nostril is probably active. So in order to relax, we need to switch which nostril is working; we want to make sure the left nostril is open. When the left nostril is active you feel very relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

What to do: cover your right nostril with your index finger and inhale & exhale through the left nostril for about 3 minutes.

This will connect you with the Moon energy, which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, a very cooling and nurturing type of energy.

So, whenever you want to relax just use this simple breath technique and enjoy life, even during a busy day! Sat Nam!

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