Gone with the Gong: The Easiest Way to Meditate!

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Does it feel utterly impossible to quiet the monkeys in your head, especially during meditation? There must be an untold secret, shortcut, or some easier way to fall into that blissful silence, right? Before you throw your hands up and go running out the door, we share with you the easiest way to meditate!

All that is required of you during the LIVE Gong Meditation at RYK is that you lie down, relax, and surrender to the powerful sounds of the ancient instrument. Within seconds you are completely engulfed by the original sound of the universe and suddenly those monkeys have dispersed into the ether.

RYK Yoga and Meditation Center recently hosted a gong bath that included multiple gongs being played by multiple teachers at the same time. This allowed for the experience of the gong to be amplified, which ultimately increased the healing potential.

For centuries the sound of the gong has been used to penetrate time and space going beyond the limitations of our linear reality. In fact, the complex wave patterns created by the sacred sound of the gong travel through blockages of the physical body that otherwise prevent the free flow of energy. Physical benefits from the gong may include:

  • Help to repair the nervous system from damage of alcohol and drugs
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Regeneration of the neurons and their interconnections
  • Stimulate circulation and the glandular system to a higher level of functioning

From a subtle perspective the healing capabilities of the gong are profound. When the gong is still it is associated to the stillness of our universe and from that everything is made available. Whereas the first hit of the gong vibrates outward so can we understand the first movement of our universe. This creation of sound is a manifestation of the universe itself. Thus, we clearly come to see a portal that connects the finite to the infinite.

We as human beings are manifestations of this sacred sound. During the gong meditation one is reminded of their infinity as the playing of the gong takes us directly into the original sound current. In this way, our experience transcends beyond the boundaries of the mind. The mental, emotional, and subtle body benefits may include:

  • Balancing of all the chakras
  • Reduce stress related issues: depression, fatigue, anger, hostility, fear, and loneliness
  • Clears the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Enlivens and integrates the 10 bodies of the aura
  • Heightened intuition, awareness, and sense of higher consciousness

Imagine total immersion in tranquility. As a source of creation, the gong innately brings you to your pure essence – a place of truth, balance, and bliss. So, if you want to learn to meditate visit RYK Yoga and Meditation Center for a real out-of-this-world Gone with the Gong experience, no practice necessary. Sat Nam!

by Sat Amrit Kaur