Good Morning Yoga!

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With such a busy schedule you are always on the run, trying to fit everything you can during the day. You run from one place to another following what your mind tells you to do, while you completely forget about your true self. When are you going to remember and wake up to living?

An old saying states”…if you don`t have time to meditate for 15 minutes, than you should meditate for 1 hour…”

If you can`t make the evening yoga and meditation classes than come to the morning yoga classes. As long as you do something for your true self. You`ll never get this time back, so start today.

Las Vegas RYK Yoga and Meditation Center just added morning yoga and meditation classes! Join us for breathing, kundalini yoga, meditation and chakra healing classes almost every day. Please check our schedule here

Wake Up and Good Morning Yoga!