How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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Night time sleep is very important for your health and sanity! This is the time when the physical body rejuvenates and when the mind gets a break. What can you do if you are waking up tired, perhaps even more tired than when you went to bed?

Here are 3 things to consider for a good night’s sleep:

  • Check the direction of your bed. Is it south – north or east – west? If possible your bed should be aligned east – west so it crosses the south – north magnetic field of the earth.

If the layout of your room allows it, move your bed to east – west and you should experience a positive difference in your sleep from the first night.

  • Remove any mirrors, TVs, monitors, and shiny objects from your bedroom. If that is not doable, cover them before you go to bed. Mirrors do not allow the physical body to rest and you might even get nightmares.
  • When you go to bed, start by lying on the right hand side. This will open the left nostril and induce relaxation. You can also gently close the right nostril with your right index finger to help the left nostril open.

If possible remove all unnecessary electronics from the bedroom. Make the room dark and cozy, inviting a good night’s sleep. You will know in the morning if you wake up refreshed that you had a good quality sleep! Try these 3 things and you will feel the difference!

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