Kundalini Yoga within the Las Vegas Community

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When one thinks of Las Vegas, certainly the first thing to come to mind is not yoga. Sin city being the transient hub that it is attracts all types of people, yogis included. And with that said, the yoga community in Las Vegas is growing, especially at RYK. In almost every Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class there is a new student sharing their story: often times of their recent move to Las Vegas and eagerness to find a yoga studio to call home. Alongside sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, it is the purpose of RYK Center to provide a community space for all to gather and celebrate life. Since the establishment has been open much hard work, dedication, and love has gone into creating a welcoming and safe environment for people to experience. The greater mission is to spread that experience at RYK to the entire Las Vegas valley.

At RYK there is always an occasion to gather and celebrate! The annual Life Celebration Party just recently took place, a gift of appreciation from RYK to the community. It was a collaborative and creative event; we drummed, danced, ate, and rejoiced!

Holiday parties, movie nights, various workshops, new and full moon meditations are alternatives to your typical night out on the Strip. At RYK Yoga and Meditation Center there is support that encourages a healthy lifestyle through beautiful and meaningful experiences. New friends soon become family and one feels more joy from such relationships. Kundalini Yoga inspires these connections and recognizes the beauty we behold as social beings, as well as the empowerment that comes from building spiritual community in a place like Las Vegas.

Our time spent at RYK is even more valuable when sharing it with members of the Las Vegas community who have never been to the center. Karma Yoga or seva is selfless service, an expression of our divine purpose as human beings. From washing dirty tea cups at RYK to donating goods, or better yet, coming along to the next visit at a local shelter, this work brings total gratitude and fulfillment because you are serving your own highest form of self. Kundalini Yoga advocates for selfless service as a means to growing and building our communities.

Reach out to RYK staff about how you can serve and give back to your Las Vegas community. SAT NAM!

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By Sat Amrit Kaur