Mindfulness Meditation: a way to observe oneself and surroundings for deeper understanding

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Mindfulness Meditation is sitting comfortably with your eyes closed as you practice different forms of being conscious of your breathing, the present moment and how your mind processes experiences and feelings. Through the different meditation techniques or scenarios, you overtime become more open to evaluate yourself which leads to knowing yourself better and find peace of mind throughout your daily life.

Mindfulness Meditation is unique from other forms of meditation. It ask of you to be aware of what is, what is the present moment, be truthful to yourself and see things as they are moment to moment. Why is this a good thing to do you may ask.

This form of meditation is not asking you to change who you are but rather see yourself or the current moment for what is it.

You will usually start each meditation focusing on your breathing in and out at the nostrils, with your attention on the rise and fall of your abdomen.

Naturally through the process of all the various meditative states, you will better seek solutions to your problems in a timely manner, recognized escalating behavior without self-judgment and that able to let it go, encourages you to challenge any distorted way of thinking and over time change; if any destructive patterns of behavior. You may find that you are open to the process of knowing, letting go of any forms of judgment, allow reasoning, and the many ways we perceive or remember experiences to be. Through meditation you can choose to let go of what doesn’t benefit your mental and physical health as you are more aware of the lessons rather than the anger, the process of learning rather than feeding the egos need to have things now or being right.

Meditation in general boosts your level of happiness however, Mindfulness Meditation is a little different than other forms of meditation. Rather than chanting a mantra or focusing on an object for a few minutes, you go through various meditation exercises which include but are not limited to, observing yourself, breathing and guided meditative scenarios of perception. You may be amazed at your own ability to go deeper within yourself, leaving with a more vase perspective of self, life and experiences.

Applying mindfulness is key to overcoming suffering and recognizing the wiser path or choice to cause less stress in your daily life. Mindfulness Meditation is an ancient Buddhist tradition that has also incorporated

The process of meditation like any practice is to make the goal the experience and appreciate the lesson through the journey. You will notice that you are better able to modifying any dysfunctional emotions, behaviors or thoughts. As you may already know, our minds are powerful. What we think and do becomes who we are whether we are conscious of it or not.

Isa Danser is a Certified EFT Life Coach, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Certified 200hrs Yoga & Meditation Teacher. You can schedule your session with her at RYK Yoga and Meditation Center. To contact please call 702.997.2221 or email at isa@chiiskey.com

By Isa Danser