New Moon Meditation – Heal Anxiety and Remove Fear

New Moon Meditation

Heal Anxiety and Remove Fear

Thursday, May 25th, 7pm – 9pm

Start the New Moon the right way: tame your runaway nerves, anxiety & fears with an ancient Kundalini Yoga Meditation.

Fear and anxiety are feelings everyone experiences at some point.  However, if these feelings persist, we start to react physiologically, the breath becomes irregular and can cause panic attacks, sweating or heart palpitations.  If we are anxious over a longer period of time, the body gets into the habit of having an automatic mental and physiological response. Without regular exercise and meditation, these negative thought patterns firmly establish themselves into our subconscious mind and deep within the cells of our body.

With the transition into the Aquarian Age there are a lot of changes taking place and this is creating a lot of fear in people. Anyone who has been following the news lately knows we are living in an uncertain future and the world can seem like utter chaos without hope or a future. Every person on planet Earth is affected by this shift. This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in mankind.

It is up to you how you handle this: you can live with anxiety & fear or you can do something about it! Empower yourself: accept, understand and transcend all your fears & anxiety!

The energy will be multiplied by the New Moon – an extremely powerful time for new beginnings: planting new seeds and putting new cycles into motion to start a new project, a new meditation, a new business.

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the LIVE Gong right after the meditation!

Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.

The future is clear! Without fear & anxiety.