New Moon Meditation

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The new moon is an extremely auspicious time for new beginnings: planting new seeds and putting new cycles into motion. A very powerful time to start a new project, practicing a new meditation, opening a new business, etc. It`s time to start turning your intentions into reality. The new moon is when you are at your lowest energy-wise.

For the past five years we`ve been celebrating every new moon with big events featuring very powerful meditations chosen to help us go beyond any blocks and move forward on the spiritual path.

This meditations vary from cleaning the subconscious mind to prosperity or from finding true love to healing meditations. Every human aspect is being covered.

October 23rd we`ll celebrate the New Moon & Solar Eclipse with the “Divine Mother Meditation”, using a powerful mantra to get in touch and expand your own great feminine energy!

There`s no experience necessary, just your commitment  to be present.

Join us for a wonderful experience with the new mon meditation in Las Vegas!