Palmistry – The Sacred Science Circle workshop with JOYCE ORIAS

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Palmistry – The Sacred Science Circle Workshop
with Joyce Orias – SeerArchitect

Saturday, March 24th 2018, 2pm- 4:30pm


Many prominent people have experienced Scientific Hand Analysis, among them lovely supermodel Christie Brinkley!

I and my colleagues have had the privilege to analyze many top celebrities, which I will be revealing as the year progresses.

Start the 2018 New Year right with amazing awareness, success and emotional growth in our next Sacred Science Circle!

The Palmistry Sacred Science Circle is an entertaining yet spiritual introduction to the uniqueness and accuracy of Scientific Hand Analysis. This fun and thought-provoking event will delight you with self-knowledge and promote bonding and community with other like-minded and adventurous souls. Each participant will receive an information-packed 12-15 minute reading in an affordable group environment. Look forward to being surprised!

Light refreshments will be provided.

Limited to 8 participants, pre-pay secures your seat.

Please be a few minutes early to select your spot in the circle.