Palmistry – The Sacred Science Circle Workshop with Joyce Orias

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Palmistry – The Sacred Science Circle Workshop

with Joyce Orias

Saturday, August 12th 2017, 2PM-4:30PM

The first Palmistry Sacred Science Circle in July was a riveting success! The Circle revealed spellbinding surprises from a uniquely gifted group with many tremendous talents and inspiring experiences.

Our next Circle in August will build upon the previous one in an intriguing way. Just like snowflakes, no two Circles are exactly the same. A brand-newbies are welcome with open arms and will catch on quickly. Look forward to being amazed by the spontaneous surprises your neighbor will ignite in this event!

Light refreshments will be provided.

Limited to 8 participants, pre-pay secures your seat.

Please be prepared to stay for the entire session to hold the sacred space for your fellow attendees and receive the extras at the end of the ceremony. We will adhere to the schedule and respect your time.

“Joyce provided answers that I needed affirmed. I am always grateful for clarity when I feel stuck. Thank you Joyce for your guided loving wisdom and intuition!” – Joy Horwarth

“With Joyce, it was interesting to discover how much our hands have to tell us. She confirmed through her unique style of hand analysis my strong independence, my ability to detect BS, and my perseverance in completing long term projects. Her reading also showed I was currently moving in the direction that was right for me in my business.” – Lisa Ulshafer, Author & Speaker