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At RYK Yoga and Meditation Center Las Vegas we want you to have the best experience and guidance through your yoga and meditation journey. Tina is here to help you along the way and get the most benefits out of your RYK membership.

Feel free to contact Tina anytime with any questions, comments, or concerns you have about the yoga and meditation classes, events, our center, the teachers, or your personal practice.

Don`t know how to start?
Tina can walk you through the easy process to start your yoga practice and even give you a tour of our yoga studio in Las Vegas.

Don`t know what classes to try?
Your yoga adviser can recommend what styles and teachers will fit your needs.

Don`t know what membership is right for you?
Tina can help you pick the yoga membership that`s right for you!

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We encourage all our students to develop a regular practice as this is really the best way to get the most out of yoga and meditation.
Stay healthy and happy through a regular practice!
Compare our prices and see how much you save over the regular drop in price of $18.

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What classes are right for me?

Kundalini yoga and meditation – 90 min of fun: the most effective and complete yoga you can practice with breathing, moving, relaxing and meditation!

LIVE Gong meditation – the easiest way to meditate: lie on your back and relax with the powerful vibrations of the Gong!

Yoga Nidra “Conscious Deep Sleep” – get renewed, rejuvenated and recharged with one of the greatest methods of meditation!

Yin yoga – a beautiful practice which balances out the energy of our very active lifestyles; it brings balance and calmness to the body, mind & spirit.

Mantra yoga – this is the yoga of sound: a journey that takes you from finite to Infinite using sound as a vehicle of transcendence.

Chakra healing yoga and meditation – a beautiful practice that uses breathing exercises, poses and meditation to help you bring balance to each of the chakras.

Pranayama “Breathing” – learn how to breathe correctly revitalize the body, steady the emotions, and create great clarity of mind.

Drum circle and ecstatic dance – fun! fun! fun! an exciting and powerful class to bring individuals together through live drumming and free flow dance!

Vinyasa flow – a beautiful yoga practice linking breath to movement while allowing the practitioner to relax, stretch and build strength.

Ashtanga yoga – a regulated sequential practice of ancient poses (asanas) that align the spine, open and strengthen the body to ignite your fire within.