Release Your Anger

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We have all experienced anger at some point in our lives. Due to our society and its rules, suppressing that anger has become something natural. When you “collect” this anger inside of you year after year, you`ll either explode, your physical body will give out, or both!

This practice is not about releasing the anger on someone, but allowing the energy to move out of the body. Anger that is not released becomes like poison and spreads all over your physical body and mind.

No matter what the situation is, when you get angry you are the first person that suffers. On the spot! In order to go through this anger, you unconsciously drop yourself into a lower energy frequency and you lose your power by reacting to the situation.

There are many ways to transform this energy into a different frequency and use it for an elevated purpose. If you are just starting to clear it and you need something powerful here`s an easy technique to follow: drink a glass of water! The element of water will put off the fire stirred by the feeling of anger.

If you`ve been holding onto your anger for a long time and you feel like you need a very powerful technique, here`s something much stronger:

  • Meditate on who are you angry with
  • Be home or in a safe place (preferably by yourself)
  • Close windows and doors so you don`t disturb others
  • Get a pillow and write the name of the person on it. The pillow now represents that person
  • Release all your anger on the pillow (hit it, jump on it, scream at it, etc)
  • Do it several times (until you feel no more anger towards that person)
  • Throw away the pillow

You can repeat this process anytime you need to release your anger! Don`t do this in front of other people. When hitting the pillow allow all emotions and pain to come out of you! Allow the energy to move out of you!

Here`s one more tip to use during the day: whenever someone is getting you angry, do not respond right away. Wait one day. Your response will be different than if reacting on the spot. Give it some time and the fire will go down. Learn to act, not to react!

Always remember if someone gets you angry it is because there is anger inside of you! The person is just a pretext. Release all your anger and no one will ever get you angry again!

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