RYK is proud to introduce Necklaces for Change!

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Started by a young college student, Necklaces for Change is an organization that sells handcrafted, personalized keychains and necklaces. 50% of the proceeds from each item sold is donated in your name to an organization of your choosing. The list of organizations supported is varied and includes causes such as immigration, support of women, LGBTQ support, climate change, children, and even freedom of the press.

A limited number of necklaces have been graciously donated to our store, with 100% of the proceeds going toward a Teacher Training Scholarship Fund! These creative, gold plated discs are hand stamped with Kundalini Yoga related mantras. The larger necklaces are $20 and the smaller are $25. Stop by our shop to pick one up.

In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, we learn the importance mantras and words in general have on our well-being. It is for this reason Necklaces for Change utilizes words on their jewelry. Wearing words can be just as powerful as saying or thinking them! Words have the ability to fuel hope.

From the Necklaces for Change website:
“Sanskrit has 96 different words for ‘love’. Words are the most powerful communicator of love and acceptance. Words remind us of our solidarity, of our communities. Words bring messages of strength and resilience.”

If you are interested in having your own custom items created, products with sayings of your choosing are available for purchase via necklacesforchange.org! Indicate RYK2017 as your charity of choice and 50% of NFC proceeds will be donated to our fund. Your assistance will help a deserving individual reach their highest potential during our next Teacher Training journey!