The Sacred Science Circle with Joyce Orias

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The Sacred Science Circle

with Joyce Orias

Saturday, September 9th 2017, 2pm-4:30pm

The second Palmistry Sacred Science Circle in August garnered a gathering of Ancient Souls. An inspiring international group, this Circle displayed the distinction of a multi-faceted diamond. Each Collaborator contributed courage and camaraderie for each other and penetrating perception of themselves.

Our next Circle in September will continue on the path of intense insight and celebrate the skillfulness of each sojourner. Newbies will discover that they may be an apprentice in palmistry experience yet sage in spirit. Anticipate an amazing awareness of your own daring distinction and ceremonialize the sacredness your fellow soul colleague!
Light refreshments will be provided.

Limited to 8 participants, pre-pay secures your seat.

Please be prepared to stay for the entire session to hold the sacred space for your fellow attendees and receive the extras at the end of the ceremony.