“Soul Dance” Movement Meditation

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“Soul Dance” Movement Meditation
workshop with Cristin

Saturday, October 14th 2017, 6:00pm-8pm

How can we connect to the beautiful truth of our being? One way is to move and dance, trusting that our own body and our own energy are our greatest teachers!

This workshop is not just about dancing…this practice goes much deeper. Through lovingly guided movement, we will release, re-pattern and completely disorganize ourselves to consciously break free from old habits, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve us.

Open up to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as we come together to step in to the TRUEST and BRIGHTEST version of ourselves!

Come with an open heart and mind to begin your transformation. In a safe, loving, sacred space, we shift into a higher vibration to express our truth through movement. No judgements or expectations – only freedom and the magic of dance! Come discover the BEAUTIFUL TRUTH of your BEING!

No dance experience necessary, just an open heart for change!