Strengthen Your Aura

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Today we’ll talk about the “aura” and practical tips to strengthen it.

Everything around us has an aura – an electromagnetic field. Your dog has it, a tree has it, and a stone has it; everything has a bubble of energy around it. A healthy human being’s aura is about 9 feet, but can vary depending on the person. It can be smaller (it will probably make one negative, weak, get into an accident) or larger than nine feet (makes one positive, strong and attract good things).

Anyone can increase their aura with these three practical tips:

  1. Be aware of your breath! Be aware of your inhale and exhale. This alone will expand your aura by a third. Learn to breathe correctly and be aware of your breath!
  2. Wear natural fiber clothing, ex. cotton vs polyester. By wearing cotton (choose color white if possible) your aura will expand by a third.
  3. Chant a mantra of your choice to get a hold of your mind. Mantra helps you to control your mind and will balance your aura.

Everything that you say, think, do, intend to do, whatever music you listen to, whatever entourage you have, everything in your life will have an impact on your aura. Based on your decisions your electromagnetic field can expand and attract good things in your life or it can get smaller and attract relationships and situations that are not serving your highest purpose.

Use these three practical yogic tips to strengthen your aura in order to stay healthy and happy, to attract opportunities, positive relationships, and prosperity.

These teachings are for everybody; please share these yoga and meditation videos with your friends and family.