Testimonial for 40 Day Prosperity Meditation Challenge

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I am happy to give some personal examples of prosperity I experienced during and as a result of the recent RYK 40 day challenge!

I am happy to give some personal examples of prosperity I experienced during and as a result of the recent RYK 40 day challenge!

Once again my schedule opened up for this 40 day challenge (second one I’ve done) so that I could come to a class every day for 40 days, except for 2 days when I had to go out of town for a wedding. I did a sadhana in my hotel room those 2 days, which included the prosperity meditation for 3 mins.

I have had great success in finding greater happiness, great peace, focus and a softer side of life with kundalini yoga, but I had a decent skepticism about increased prosperity from doing a specific kriya for 3 minutes per day! Two weeks into the challenge my husband and I decided to sell some of the art that no longer fits in our smaller house that we recently moved into. One piece was quite small, an original oil by an artist that passed away 6 years ago. We didn’t know this until I started researching. It was a piece depicting horse racing, that we are not interested in, and colors that don’t fit our taste anymore. I put out an inquiry on line and within a couple of days had a bidding war from 2 art brokers. We sold that piece to a local broker who met us at our bank with a cashier’s check for several thousand dollars! We had this piece for 25 years and never knew that it would have the value it did, and we didn’t even want it anymore! We went on to sell a couple more pieces and I have started to sell unwanted jewelry on line as well, all going for more than I could have imagined. The bonus is that we are also getting rid of more and more “stuff” that has no more meaning for us.

The second thing that happened that I contribute to the prosperity meditation is one day I felt a strong connection to our older daughter who is an up and coming writer and artist in NY. She has a real gift and has found ways to really speak from her soul, but still needs to pay the bills! I dedicated that day’s meditation to her and the next day she was notified by an online news organization that they wanted to buy a story she had pitched a few months before! It was published just a few days later.

The final thing that happened is that I ordered a book by kundalini yogi Guru Jagat called Invincible Living. It was only in hardback. I usually wait for the paperback or get from the library, but it is a beautiful book that Michelle Kellogg had in class one day so I made the plunge to buy the hardback. It didn’t come for a couple of weeks so I contacted Amazon. They said it was lost in transit so they would replace it for me for free and send expedited shipping for free also! If this wasn’t a gift from the kundalini prosperity god, I don’t know what can be lol!

The same day that we sold our painting I made a contribution to an organization we haven’t been able to contribute to for several years. I also contributed some money to a friend of a friend that had a heartbreaking loss of a child earlier in the year. I learned, from Cosmin, that money has energy, and to move money like any other energy for the most benefit. Savings is important too of course! I will continue to add to our savings and other funds for our security, but love the feeling and idea of sharing the prosperity so that we all benefit. I do the prosperity challenge everyday as part of my routine and will continue to do so, while looking forward to future 40 day challenges focusing on other aspects of my life! Sat Nam!

Beth G.