The RYK Beginners Guide for New Students

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You’ve made the decision to either begin a yoga and meditation practice or expand your current practice by learning in a class setting. That’s wonderful! As a new student at Raise Your Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Center, you may have questions or wonder what to expect during your first visit. Below is a list of tips to get you started on your journey with us!

  • The first and most important step is to please REMOVE YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR. We have cabinets available in which to place your shoes.
    Why do we remove our shoes? The yoga center is a special place; the best place you’ll visit. We created a sanctuary for our students and teachers – a place where we all gain something invaluable to our existence. As such, we change our mental state and attitude while entering. The shoes we wear are symbolic of our ego. As we enter the center, we strip ourselves of our ego and worldly thoughts so that we are more receptive to the teachings we experience.
  • Tina is our Manager & Yoga Advisor. She will be there to greet you, answer your questions, and get you signed up for your first class with us. She will also check you in for each class you attend. If you are not using the RYK Yoga app to check in to class, please see her when you arrive.
  • Hopefully you have signed up for our New Student Special! You can do this prior to your first visit on our website or at the studio on your first day. Our special gives you 30 days of unlimited classes from our regular schedule at an affordable price, so that you are able to try all of our teachers and classes. Each class is different and each teacher has their own style of teaching. Coming more than once and experiencing our complete range of classes will allow you to find the teacher and classes that best suit you!
  • ALL of our classes are suitable for Beginners! You do not need prior yoga or meditation experience to begin a practice at our studio. Come in and do what you can; we want you to strive for connection, not perfection.
  • We have mats, meditation cushions and yoga blocks available for your use free of charge. You are always welcome to bring your own mat if you wish, but it is not required.
  • We recommend that you attend class at a minimum of two times per week to fully experience the benefits that your new practice has to offer. This can be the same class or a combination of different classes. Benefits of regular practice can include: mental balance, reduction of stress related issues, the ability to remain calm and centered, quieting of the mind, strength, flexibility, increased range of motion, and clearing of the subconscious.
  • Download the RYK Yoga app! It allows you to instantly check the class schedule, register for class, and check in. It is the most convenient way to also check your account and pay for services!
  • Our lobby is open from 9am-12pm and from 5pm-9pm, Monday thru Friday. We are open on Saturday from 9am-2pm. You are welcome to stop by even if you are not attending class – to shop, to have a cup of tea, or to have a few moments of quiet.
  • MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME. You are now part of a caring community of students and teachers! Our goal is to guide you on your on your journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Enjoy the peace and serenity you are about to find within yourself!