Women’s Circle: The Art Of Being A Woman

Women’s Circle: the Art of Being a Woman

with Sat Amrit Kaur

Saturday, May 27, 6 – 8pm

The tradition of women coming together in circle to weave their threads of experience is a sacred ritual that serves as nourishment for all women, life, and Mother Earth. In this safe space we honor the totality of our experience as women. The circle will be facilitated by the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, which supports the natural process of an individual awakening to their true essence.

We will spend time connecting to our ancestral lineage; tune in and receive the intention of our soul’s purpose; offer unconditional love and support for the deep release of what no longer serves us, individually and collectively; and uplift and empower ourselves through creative expression and celebration. The design of our circle will be woven by the integration of Kundalini yoga and meditation, discussion, dance, and a prayer ritual.

Please approach the space with sensitivity, both for yourself and other sisters attending. As keepers and co-creators of this sacred space we respect all emotions, thoughts, and feelings and encourage you to share yourself in a way that feels best and most authentic for you.

Show up as you are and allow the weaving of magic to unfold.