Yin yoga practice at RYK center Las Vegas

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Yin Yoga in Las Vegas

What is Yin yoga?

If you have never experienced this style of yoga you are in for a treat. Similar to restorative yoga, yin yoga is a gentle and passive practice that focuses on deep breathing and focused awareness. This unique practice is suitable for all levels and is enjoyed by all. Unlike restorative yoga, which focuses purely on relaxation, yin works to release the tensions held in the deeper connective tissues of the body; the joints, ligaments and facia.

During a yin practice we will move into “shapes” similar to traditional yoga poses which are then held for anywhere from 3-5 minutes. Don’t worry, we won’t have you in Warrior Two for 5 minutes. Almost all of the yin shapes are done on the floor with the assistance of props to support the body and allow for complete surrender and total relaxation. While this practice is passive and gentle, it is no way easy. Our modern society has taught us to be in a constant state of motion. Slowing down and being fully present in the moment and experiencing all the subtle sensations available can be quite challenging. This practice is a meditation in movement, noticing the way that the body reacts to being still, quiet and calm while also taking you to new levels of flexibility and control. With each new shape we settle into stillness, first with the breath, then with the body and very quickly the mind follows.

There are more benefits to this practice than this short article allows me to elaborate on but during each class I offer an in depth explanation of what change is being affected in the body mind and spirit.

Join us for a unique experience of yoga unlike anything you have ever done before and enjoy the benefits of truly getting to know yourself in a whole new way.

by Amber Abbott