RYK Beginner’s Guide: Why Are the Kundalini Students in White?

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If you have attended several Kundalini Yoga classes, or have only researched Kundalini before taking your first class, you may have noticed a clothing trend among the students. Less of a trend and more of a science, there are several reasons why you will see Kundalini Yogis wearing white to class and even outside of the classroom.

The Science of Wearing White
Every matter and material in existence is made up of energy! The field of energy surrounding objects, including animals and humans, is called the aura. Yogi Bhajan taught that wearing all white clothing made of natural fibers will add to our own energy – expanding our aura by at least one foot.  A strong aura gives us a solid identity and serves as a filter for negative influences from the surrounding world.

Color therapy uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health. With white being the prismatic balance of ALL colors, when we wear it we have the support of an entire spectrum for the aura and our chakras.

A Practice in Awareness
It’s a well-known fact that whenever you decide to put on a white piece of clothing, you are bound to spill something on it, right? Can you imagine being dressed in white from head to toe? Wearing white is a practice of awareness – it takes more consciousness and care to keep your clothes clean.

Students in a Kundalini yoga class are not required to wear white. We don’t encourage yogis to fall in with everyone else – it is a personal choice that you should make when you are ready!
Some suggestions if you are ready to test it out: Ask a fellow student how they feel when they wear white, and then begin with just wearing a white cotton shirt to class. Or, the next time you begin the day feeling out of sorts, choose to wear white in a natural fiber. See if the boost to your aura is also a natural mood lifter!