In addition to our regularly scheduled Kundalini Yoga group classes, we offer a unique variety of meditations, workshops, and private classes that may include world renowned speakers and teachers, concerts, and community events..

RYK is the premier mediation center for special events and workshops. We encourage everyone to reserve their spots early as spaces fill up very quickly and we want to see you there. This is something you don’t want to miss.

Experience the power of group meditation classes and take your
“Individual Consciousness to Group Consciousness to Universal Consciousness.”

Did you move? Or are you out of town?

You can still JOIN for our events via LIVE STREAM.

Many of you have asked us to video stream our New & Full Moon Meditations, Workshops and other events so you can join LIVE.


Either you are out of Las Vegas or just traveling, JOIN the community and WATCH HD LIVE STREAMING VIDEO. 3 easy steps:


1. register online for one of the events listed below 

(make sure your mindbody account has a valid email address, this is where we are going to email you the link for the event; when paying choose the LIVE Broadcast option)

2. 10 minutes before the event you will receive an email from RYK with the link to join LIVE

3. click on the link & enjoy!  (the link requires a gmail account to access the streaming; you can join on your computer or phone via the “Hangouts” app)

Please note right now we are only streaming the New & Full Moon Meditations and Workshops.

If you have any questions please call RYK @ 702 478 9600.


Peace-Filled Group Healing

With Jacqui Simpson

Sunday, March 25th 2pm – 3:30pm $39

You were born of Divine LOVE and by being part of God, you have been awarded the ability to regenerate your happiness. When we strip away fear, anger, and confusion, we are left with the beauty and wonder of…YOU. The Divine You which has chosen to walk this planet. When we gather in the energy of the Infinite Divine we release old energy, which no longer needs to be part of your earthly path.

Jacqui assists you in releasing all the old data that is of low energy replacing it with Divine white light, combining numerous healing practices with spiritually guided energy for your best outcome of peace and light.

In a Peace-Filled Group Healing, you sit quietly alongside fellow seekers while your spiritual guides use Jacqui as a divine channel to bring you into greater health and happiness. How? We simply and beautifully call on Universal Life Force Energy to peacefully pull out the negative and infuse us with the positive energy of LOVE!

Price: $39/adult. $15 for children/teens and babies are free.

This Peace-Filled Group Healing is perfect for those who want to experience what a healing feels like or those seeking a tune-up between Jacqui’s unique private Dynamic Transformational Healing Session.

For optimum progression, a Peace-Filled Group Healing Package of 10 can also be selected for $289.00



New Moon Meditation on the Divine Mother

Sunday, March 26th 12pm – 2pm $25

In lunar religious calendars, Chaitra is the first month and its first day is celebrated as the beginning of a New Year. This is the auspicious time when the Divine Ma Durga and its nine incarnations are honored during the Chaitra Navratri festival.

Through mantras, meditations and fasting one is said to get blessed by the Divine Mother and get health, wisdom, and prosperity. This festival also celebrates the victory of good over evil.

The principle of the mother is primal power, coziness, care and protection. A person who is in contact with this inner cosmic principle is without fear and has courage in all circumstances, even in the darkest times.

This meditation tunes into the frequency of the Divine Mother – the primal, protective, generating energy. It eliminates fears and fulfills desires. It gives concentration and mental beaming, power of action by removing blocks of insecurity.

The energy will be multiplied by the New Moon – an extremely powerful time for new beginnings: planting new seeds and putting new cycles into motion to start a new project, a new relationship, a new business, etc.

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the LIVE Gong after the meditation!

Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.




with Gongs, Bells, and Singing Bowls
LIVE with Crown of Eternity

Sunday, March 26th 2:30-4:30 pm $30

A Vibrational Experience Like No Other!

Enter a cosmic journey as Crown of Eternity transports you into a timeless space of sonic bliss. It is a meditation; a dream-like state; a carefully honored space of intention and attention; a deep and lasting vibrational cleansing for the body and soul; a profound journey through all levels of the self like you have never experienced before.

Crown of Eternity will you bathe you in waves of sound from over 60 vibrational instruments (multiple gongs, gong oblongs, bells, sound plates, sound triangles, and Himalayan singing bowls). The sound journey experience starts by preparing your body with light breath work or meditation and settling into a cosy space to rest deeply, to be awake, to meditate, or to be amazed by the vastness of the healing sound current. The deep complex harmonics of multiple overtone instruments quickly silence the mind and resonate through your body melting away boundaries between being awake and being asleep, between inside and outside. The rhythmic sound oscillations facilitate the movement of prana through the body and deliver a deep energetic reboot of the nervous system. These sacred sounds are transmitted into the tissues and experienced as a full body sound massage, realigning us on a cellular level while removing unwanted patterns or blockages, and energizing, exhilarating and lifting the spirit. Listeners often describe out of body experiences, seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, past life impressions, expanded awareness and higher states of consciousness. Meditate as Crown of Eternity tone you into the deepest conscious rest, cleansing, releasing, healing and harmonizing on all levels.

PLEASE BRING a yoga mat, blanket, or cushion for your comfort during extended relaxation on the floor.

Space is limited. Advance registration strongly advised!



Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 2pm – 4pm, $25

Are you curious about what Ashtanga yoga is or if an Ashtanga practice would be right for you? You may have heard that Ashtanga can be a challenging practice, but did you also know that it can easily be adapted for students of all levels? Whether you are a brand new student, an advanced practitioner, or somewhere in between, a regular Ashtanga practice will help you increase your overall strength and flexibility. If you ever experience pain or soreness sitting in meditation postures for extended periods of time, Ashtanga yoga can help! This practice will strengthen your core and help open up your hips and hamstrings, which are all necessary elements to being able to sit comfortably in meditation.

Join Katie Borowski for a sneak peak into the world of Ashtanga yoga. In this informative and fun workshop you will learn a brief history and theory of this ancient practice and how it fits into our modern lifestyles. We will discuss the incredible benefits of a regular physical practice and how it can be an effective compliment to other styles of yoga. Katie will guide you how to get the most out of your practice in a safe and healthy way by demonstrating modifications for Sun Salutations A & B as well as the foundational postures of the primary series. After attending this workshop you will have a better understanding of how to work with your body structure and/or previous injuries to grow in your practice, no matter what level you are starting from!


Yoga Energy Healing Class - Beginner Reiki Healing

Energy Healing: Beginner (Includes Reiki I)

with Jacqui Simpson

Sunday, April 8, 2017 9am – 5pm
$189 or 3-Class Bundle, Energy Healing Beginner, Intermediate and Master $679

What is energy healing & how can it support me or my clients?

We know that invisible energy is all around us, shown in the form of radio waves and the pull of a magnet. There are unseen energies that run through your body and swirl around the outside of you. You will learn to feel this energy and rebalance it for your greater health and the health of your clients. You will learn about your energy centers (called chakras) and how color affects your mood, health, and happiness.

Class instruction includes, however, is not limited to:

  • 8 Steps of Energy Healing
  • The ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono
  • Principles and ethics of energy healing
  • The chakra system
  • Practice on self
  • Understanding of symbols with reference to energy healing

A Personalized Energy Healer/Reiki I Certificate is issued upon completion.

7-CEU Approved for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers



Full Moon “Blue Gap” Meditation

Tuesday, April 11, 7pm – 9pm, $25

April 11th is the Full Moon, your energy will be at its highest – use it to go inward, transcend the mind, and feel the Divinity within. The time of the full moon is a period when spiritual energies are uniquely available and facilitate a closer rapport between humanity and the Divinity.

Special times require special tools: we are currently going through a grey period, a time of an epochal transition of the planet into the Aquarian Age. The gap between the past Piscean base informational wave and the current Aquarian base vibrational consciousness frequency is constantly growing. All these changes clearly reflect in the whole world around us.

Yogi Bhajan describes this gap as the “Blue Gap” – a state of conditions that are adopted as stress responses to the times, such as increased mental illness, sensitivity, stimulation and a tendency towards isolation. It is increasingly hard to relate to the “younger” generations.

“In our human relativity, in our sensitivity, our mental projection and our mental activity, there’s going to be a great change. It is very essential for the human race to be watchful, to be creative and to be equipped with a positive channelizing method for mental energy. There will be new changes and new trends in the human race. It’s a fundamental, basic change which is happening.” – Yogi Bhajan

Come together as community and help building the foundation of a new world. Practice of this meditation will allow us to relate to the newest generation, and sense everything “clear, calm and quiet.” Overflow with energy, touch the hearts of others and fill their emptiness!

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the LIVE Gong right after the meditation!

Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.


Yoga Energy Healing Class - Beginner Reiki Healing, Intermediate Reiki Healing, Master Reiki Healing

Energy Healing: Intermediate (Includes Reiki II)

with Jacqui Simpson

Sunday April 23rd 9am – 5pm
$237 or 3-Class Bundle, Energy Healing Beginner, Intermediate and Master $679

Expand your knowledge of Energy Healing, by learning the science behind it.

Learn to apply Universal Life Force Energy to your family, friends, pets and Mother Earth. You learn additional healing methods, including distance healing, and healing with crystals, colors, sounds and Tibetan bowls. Many professionals add Energy Healing as an enhancement to their work, especially massage therapists and health care providers. You will be given the knowledge, self-awareness and spiritual guidance to practice Hands on Healing as a natural enhancement to your normal routine.

Tuition includes the sacred lessons, an extensive healer’s manual and appropriate certificates, PLUS a free gift!   You will receive a FREE complete set of Chakra Crystals, which have been infused with peace filled healing light in The Healing Trinity Sanctuary to support your healing process.

Class instruction includes, however, is not limited to:

  • Addition of energy healing tools
  • Hand Placement for self-treatment
  • Hand Placement for treating others
  • Discussion of symbols and their uses
  • Distance Healing
  • Q & A

A Personalized Energy Healer/Reiki II Certificate is issued upon completion. Pre-Requisite: Energy Healing: Beginner (includes Reiki I)

7-CEU Approved for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers


Kundalini Yoga Healing Meditation - Healing Ring of Tantra

New Moon Meditation

Healing Ring of Tantra
Kundalini Yoga Healing Meditation

Tuesday, April 25th, 7pm – 9pm, $25

Join us & celebrate New Moon! You have the opportunity to experience a very powerful ancient Kundalini Yoga meditation: “The Healing Ring of Tantra”. The New Moon is an extremely powerful time for new beginnings: planting new seeds and putting new cycles into motion. It is a perfect day to start a new project, a new meditation, a new relationship, a new business, apply for a job.

The healing ring can be used to generate and direct tremendous healing energy towards any person: a member of the circle, someone at a far distance, or someone located in the center of the circle.

Both givers and seekers are enclosed in the tantric healing ring where powerful healing intentions and cosmic vibrations work together to repair, restore, and preserve health, happiness and holiness. Everyone becomes immersed in the radiant healing energy of the universe!

We will start with “Mahan Jaap”, a special meditation to raise your vibrations & integrate you in group consciousness and follow with The Healing Ring of Tantra.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the LIVE Gong right after the meditation!

There`s a minimum of 11 people required for this meditation; room size can only fit 58, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.

P.S. – If possible eat light on this day. The glandular system secretions are at their lowest so you don`t want your energy being used to consume heavy food. Save your energy to reconstruct yourself.