Spring Equinox and Cosmin’s Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, March 21th 7pm


Throughout the ages our ancestors gathered to celebrate and honor the sun during the special times of the year. The Spring Equinox is one of these special moments – a time of renewal, new beginnings of life and growth.

This is also an auspicious time when the veil between the physical and the spiritual worlds is thinned, bringing opportunities to access and use divine energy into one’s life. Evoke these potentials powers and claim the victory of spiritual light!

Join us to welcome Spring and move forward in a new, fresh, positive direction.

A unique relaxation with the LIVE Gong will follow the special kriyas and meditations.

Cake and tea will be served!
Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.


“Soul Dance” Movement Meditation Workshop

With Cristin Bartles

Sunday, March 19th 12pm – 2pm

How can we connect to the beautiful truth of our being? One way is to move and dance, trusting that our own body and our own energy are our greatest teachers!

This workshop is not just about dancing…this practice goes much deeper. Through lovingly guided movement, we will release, re-pattern and completely disorganize ourselves to consciously break free from old habits, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve us.

Open up to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as we come together to step in to the TRUEST and BRIGHTEST version of ourselves!

Come with an open heart and mind to begin your transformation. In a safe, loving, sacred space, we shift into a higher vibration to express our truth through movement. No judgements or expectations – only freedom and the magic of dance! Come discover the BEAUTIFUL TRUTH of your BEING!

No dance experience necessary, just an open heart for change!

Microsoft Word – BEFORE THE FLOOD Press Notes Final Version

Dinner and Movie

“Before the Flood”

Saturday, March 18th 6pm – 8pm

Please join the RYK community for our first “Dinner & Movie” event of the year! Get ready for a cozy night in to watch an inspiring film accompanied by great food and company.

We will be watching the 2016 award winner “Before the Flood”. Narrator Leonardo DiCaprio encourages us to explore what is perhaps the most important and relevant issue facing humanity today – climate change. The effects of climate change affect all of us. If we want to make a change, we must first become aware of the urgency of this issue and then work together to implement positive solutions.

This epic documentary takes us on a journey around the world from Canadian oil sands, to the melting Arctic Circle, to devastated Sumatran forests. DiCaprio shows us firsthand the devastating effects of climate changes as we learn more about possible ways to prevent catastrophic damage that could make the Earth unsustainable for human beings. During his journey, he speaks with such influential figures as President Barack Obama, Pope Francis and tech innovator Elon Musk, and makes a speech before the United Nations calling for greater action on this issue.

Join the community and be part of the solution to start making positive changes for our world!

“This is one of many documentaries about climate change; many aren’t much fun, but with DiCaprio at its center, this one offers crucial, current information, as well as a measure of hope.”– Jeffrey Anderson

“A serious, substantial piece of work.” – Peter Bradshaw

We will be ordering a delicious dinner with a variety of dishes from a local Indian restaurant.

Please sign up ahead of time to reserve your space.


Full Moon Meditation to Balance Heaven & Earth

“Hast Kriya”

Sunday, March 12th, 12pm

Heal the Nervous System & Remove Anger

March 12th is the Full Moon and we`ll celebrate it together with “Hast Kriya” – a powerful meditation that renews the nervous system and can heal nerve pain and sciatica. If you do this Kriya for 22 minutes a day, you will totally change your personality. Power will descend from above and clean you out. Anger and obnoxiousness will disappear from your personality. Clear and release all discontent!

“This kriya is so powerful it can hold the Hand of God; so powerful it can hold the hand of death.” – Yogi Bhajan

We`ll use movement and mantra – “Sat Nam Wahe Guru” – a Jupiter mantra. The most graceful power and knowledge come from Jupiter. Jupiter controls the medulla oblongata, the neurological center of the brain, and the three rings of the brain stem. “Hast Kriya” helps people with obsessive-compulsive disorder heal and gain a new perspective and the balance that is so profoundly missing in their lives. It develops a balance of the Earth and the Heavens.

All spiritual practice` effect multiplies a thousand fold under the full moon.

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the LIVE Gong right after the meditation!

Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.


Just Ask Jacqui! 

Sunday, March 5th @ 2:30pm

Come meet Jacqui Simpson and check out her new healing suite!

Jacqui has created a lovely healing sanctuary within the RYK Yoga & Meditation Center!

This event is complimentary and you will have an opportunity to explore the RYK center and its many offerings, as well as, participate in an enlightening question and answer session with Jacqui!

Lots of fun, light refreshments, and a door prize or 2! Bring a friend!


Introduction to Ayurveda with Cosmin

“The Science of Life”

Sunday, March 5th, 12pm

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science in the world originating in India more than 5,000 years ago. This is an entirely holistic system often called the “Mother of All Healing”.

Its methods are pulled from the ancient Vedas and Ayurveda is considered to be the Science of Life – the oldest form of medicine to date. This system is based on the understanding that our physiology and health is governed by the qualities associated with the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The more we become aware of these elements and how they affect our wellbeing, the easier is to balance our life through diet, herbal remedies, lifestyle, yoga and meditation.

According to Ayurveda balance in mind and body is the divine natural order, harmony is our true nature and can otherwise be defined as health, happiness and a balanced integration with the whole world.

This workshop is suitable for all interested in the basic principles of Ayurveda and how you can apply them to your everyday life:

  • what is your constitution – the balance of elemental energies in your body
  • daily routine for peace, happiness and spiritual growth
  • following nature’s rhythms for every day harmony
  • daily practices that support health and well-being
  • the Ayurvedic approach to nutrition and diet
  • optimal yoga, pranayama and meditation practices for your constitution

“A Yogi who doesn’t know Ayurveda, he is a half Yogi and Ayurvedic physician who doesn’t know yoga, he’s a half physician. Ayurveda and yoga go hand in hand. They are two sides of the same coin.” – Vasant Lad

Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.


Peace-Filled Group Healing with Jacqui

Sunday, February 26th @ 10 am

You were born of Divine LOVE and by being part of God, you have been awarded the ability to regenerate your happiness. When we strip away fear, anger, and confusion, we are left with the beauty and wonder of…YOU. The Divine You which has chosen to walk this planet. When we gather in the energy of the Infinite Divine we release old energy, which no longer needs to be part of your earthly path.

Jacqui assists you in releasing all the old data that is of low energy replacing it with Divine white light, combining numerous healing practices with spiritually guided energy for your best outcome of peace and light.

In a Peace-Filled Group Healing, you sit quietly alongside fellow seekers while your spiritual guides use Jacqui as a divine channel to bring you into greater health and happiness. How? We simply and beautifully call on Universal Life Force Energy to peacefully pull out the negative and infuse us with the positive energy of LOVE!

$39/adult – $15 for children/teens and babies are free.

This Peace-Filled Group Healing is perfect for those who want to experience what a healing feels like or those seeking a tune-up between Jacqui’s unique private Dynamic Transformational Healing Session.

For optimum progression, a Peace-Filled Group Healing Package of 10 can also be selected for $289.00

solar eclipse meditation

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Meditation

Tershula Kriya “Thunderbolt of Shiva”

Sunday, February 26th @ 12pm 

Join us for this wonderful New Moon and Solar Eclipse Meditation on a very auspicious day: Maha Shivratri, the festival celebrated every year in reverence of Lord Shiva. The word “Tershula” relates to the thunderbolt of Shiva (one of the Hindu Trinity of Gods): Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; Shiva is the destroyer or regenerator, the ultimate deliverer.

“Tershula” is the three-pronged trident carried by the Mahan, Shiva the greatest yogi. This symbolizes he conquered the action of the mind perfectly and the qualities or forces that create our experience of the world. “Tershula” can activate the self-healing process. This meditation balances the three gunas—the three qualities that permeate all creation: rajas, tamas, and sattva. It brings the three nervous systems together and it gives you the ability to heal at a distance, through your touch or through your projection.

Many psychological disorders or imbalances in the personality can be cured through practice of this kriya, and it is helpful in getting rid of phobias, especially father/mother phobia. Tershula can heal everything. This meditation gives the practitioners command of themselves beyond the minds vicissitude`s.

The energy will be multiplied by the New Moon – an extremely powerful time for new beginnings: planting new seeds and putting new cycles into motion. It is a perfect day to start a new project, a new meditation, a new relationship, a new business, apply for a job.

Immerse yourself in the Healing sounds of the LIVE Gong right after the meditation!

Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.

Note: You`ll also learn a very powerful mantra to protect yourself from all negative energy: black magic, psychic attack, evil eye, lawsuits, etc.


The Art of Relationships Workshop

with Mary Colleen O’Callaghan-Miele and Donna Wilburn

Sunday February 12, 2017 12pm-2pm

The Art of Relationships Workshop will be teaching you how to bring all of your relationships to the next level. We will teach you about yourself and how you can influence your relationship in the most positive way. Using activities, discussion and experiential learning, we will give you the awareness you need to have that relationship you are looking for as well as all your relationships by identifying, exploring and integrating your core values with the 5 love languages.

Do you want to enhance the connection between you and your partner? Do you to experience the high level of desire that healthy relationships have? If, you answered yes to either one of these question then The Art of Relationships Workshop is for you!


The Art of Muscle Testing (MT) and Energetic System Maintenance Workshop

Workshop with Nevyana Trifonova

Sunday February 12, 2017 3:00pm-5:30pm

Enrich Your Life, Enhance Your Health with MT and ESM!

Join us and learn how to muscle test, and all the different ways you can apply muscle testing in every aspect of your life!
Bring your favorite drinks, snacks, supplements, and any other products used orally and topically (sealed), and discover whether they strengthen or weaken your body!

Observe or Participate in balancing every organ and body system using the alternative health care program ESM! Learn about ESM and how you can help your friends and family with their health and wellbeing!

Come join us to tap into the great wisdom of your body to get priceless answers about your health and wellbeing!


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Meditation

“Fall in Love with Yourself”

Thursday February 9th @ 7pm

Join us for a unique Full Moon Meditation to “Fall in Love with Yourself” during this special time before Valentine`s Day. Humans are naturally accelerated on full moon; we are at the highest, use this energy to go inward, transcend the mind, feel love and the Divinity within.

Transformation in the game of love requires a complete reorientation to the rules of the game. In order to truly experience love, and union, we must begin living a new rule book. We have been trained to look for that one person – our soul mate – who can fulfill our longing, who can give us what we believe we need or want from a relationship. To truly love, we must first fulfill that longing within ourselves, with the Infinite, the love of God. Anything else less will fall short. No human being can fill that particular space – not even a soul mate.

Then, from that fullness of love, that union within ourselves, we can begin to truly love everyone. We can serve with equanimity all who come to seek solace, healing or forgiveness. We can love the enemy & the friend, and we have the capacity to sacrifice for others without losing ourselves.

Love is Love. There`s no condition. There`s no lack. Love can only be received & given from the fullness of the liberated heart. Free yourself from ego, so that you can know love and share it with all!

“Love is a creative energy, an experience of one’s Self within oneself.”Yogi Bhajan

Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the LOVE Gong right after the meditation!

Room size can only fit 68, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.