Yoga Lights Up Las Vegas

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Yoga Lights Up Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, a few images that probably come to mind are the tantalizing and sparkling glow of the Las Vegas Strip, the Fremont Street Experience that displays one of the largest outdoor light shows, or perhaps the beam of light extending into the night sky from atop the Luxor Hotel. However, there is a light in Las Vegas that is shining far brighter. It is the light of yoga and self awareness that is rapidly gaining recognition. Light is energy, so what better place to ride that flow of energy than here, at a Las Vegas yoga center. If you are a local or just visiting, Las Vegas has much to offer when it comes to the teachings and practice of yoga.

The word yoga has been defined and described in many ways. For some, yoga is just an effective exercise regime that involves stretching, bending, and holding asanas (body postures/ positions or simply yoga poses), and yet this is just one small aspect of yoga. In a more general and simplified sense, yoga can be recognized as the scientific and artful practice of disciplining the body and mind so that the true self can emerge and become aware of itself.  Physical exercise, breath control, sense awareness, concentration, calming the body and mind, as well as right actions are all incorporated into yoga. Yoga is not a religion but rather a philosophy on skillful living which can enhance any cultural tradition you may follow.

Yoga brings into alignment the connection between body, mind, and spirit. It is this balance that will allow you to gracefully achieve the happy and healthy state of well being. This ancient technology provides practical methods to allow for this personal transformation to develop in each individual. Yoga is a relationship between your-self and the universal higher order. The word relationship implies a connection than involves two or more, however, as relationships transmute into love and union, this also implies oneness. Yoga teaches you to look inward and approach oneness; the ultimate state of joy and peace.

There is no shortage of yoga studios in Las Vegas, and there are many styles of yoga to choose from and practice.  The culmination of these local studios has played a small part in the evolutionary leap forward towards yoga being recognized; however, there is no denying that RYK Yoga, which is short for “Raise Your Kundalini Yoga”, has been the sunburst to that ever expanding light of yoga and self awareness in Las Vegas. If you want to have the best yoga experience or want to learn how to meditate, visit RYK Yoga and Meditation Center in Las Vegas and try it for yourself. RYK Yoga is the brilliant spark that has ignited the luminescent inner “light” of consciousness in so many people who live and visit Las Vegas, and that light will continue to grow brighter and brighter. RYK Yoga and Meditation is the Las Vegas kundalini yoga you want to experience.

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By R.J. Livingston