Yoga: A Practice for Everyone

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The eastern world’s tradition of yoga has gained significant popularity in the west. Beyond the fad of yoga pants, the practice of yoga is internationally recognized for its contribution to the well-being of humanity.

As yogis of the western hemisphere it is imperative that we are culturally conscious and do our best to maintain proper representation of this sacred practice. Far too often yoga trainings and classes leave out the origin and scientific knowledge of yoga. These aspects of the tradition preserve the teachings. It is also crucial to share the teachings in their original form for the benefit of students.

While yoga is surely a science some have taken that to the extreme; we have all heard of such creative portrayals of yoga like “bunny yoga” – a practice that has bunnies hopping throughout the room. This may make you feel good and forget about your stress, however, it can potentially take away from the truth of yoga.

Below is a list of traditional yoga practices. Read to discover which one may best suit your style.

Hatha Yoga:  The third limb of Pantajali’s eightfold path is focused on the physical practice of yoga. This method of properly aligning the body through each asana (posture) prepares one to sit in meditation.

Ashtanga: A vigorous system of yoga synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of asanas. It is designed to produce intense internal heat for the body to sweat, detoxify, and purify the muscles and organs.

Vinyasa: In essence this practice is a form of Ashtanga, which indicates moving from one pose to another without stopping. Also known as flow yoga, it is a fluid practice and beneficial work out.

Yin Yoga: From the Taoist tradition this practice is dedicated to letting go and feeling release. Each asana is generally held for 3-5 minutes; the passive movements target the connective tissues of the body. A relaxing yet challenging yoga practice.

Bikram (hot) Yoga: Created by Indian yogi Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s, this practice is for those who like to sweat. The same 26 poses are used to cleanse the body of toxins; to aid detoxification this practice takes place in a heated room.

RYK Yoga and Meditation Center is proud to offer a variety of yoga classes outside of Kundalini Yoga. Search, experience and you will definitely find a practice that is right for you. Sat Nam!


Written by Sat Amrit Kaur