Are life’s challenges sometime a bit much? Might you be seeking more prosperity in your job or relationships? Would you like to eliminate negative habits, decrease stress and anxiety? Are you looking for a spiritual life coaching? These are only few examples of what a consultation session with Cosmin can help you achieve.

In addition to the private or group yoga classes, you can choose to take your practice even further: a daily spiritual practice at home! The best & easiest way to do it: an individualized package meeting all your needs & requests.

Cosmin is available for one-on-one counseling sessions that address your specific needs and desires for personal growth and attainment. These tailored programs are developed based on your priorities and goals.
Each individualized session results in the creation of a personalized “continue at home” program that could include such elements as a specific meditation, a personal Mantra, physical and breathing exercises or other relaxation techniques.

Additionally each session includes a personal Tantric Numerology reading – a practical chart for understanding yourself, others and your future path/destiny.

A private consultation is the most direct way to establish alignment of your body, mind and soul as well as achieving balance and prosperity in your life.

Tailored for all individual needs, after the consultation you will receive:

Personal Mantra (specific to your needs)

Pranayam (breathing exercise)

Specific Meditation

Kriya (physical exercises)

Japji Pauree (prayer) for your space (house, office, car)

Tantric Numerology reading (ancient yogic reading technique)

The individualized package can be done either independently of ongoing or as an extension—great way to start your practice or raise it to the next level. This package is the fastest way to establish an aligned relationship between your body, mind and soul!

Private consultation & individualized package content depends on individual needs and/or requests.

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Life coaching for spiritual and professional empowerment in Las Vegas.

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