While our open-group yoga and meditation sessions are intimate and specialized to provide a certain level of attention to each student in addition to serving the purpose of coming together in universal consciousness, we understand the need for private sessions as well. We offer one-on-one private as well as semi- private sessions.

Cosmin has an expertise in working privately with clients from a wide variety of different backgrounds and personal experiences in order to address and assist in achieving their specific needs and personal transformations. Whether your goal is to attain personal awareness, spiritual growth, improved relationships, financial security, physical healing, or all of the above, by integrating the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga and Reiki, Cosmin utilizes the most effective elements of each discipline for awakening to occur in each individual, and allows them to reach their greatest potential.

There are a variety of reasons why scheduling a private session would be of benefit including looking to accelerate your knowledge and understanding of the yoga and meditation fundamentals, dealing with an injury, illness or personal loss or other life challenges, and advancement and refinement of your practice.


  • Top Rated Yoga Class Las Vegas "I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your wisdom and experience in guiding me through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.   I appreciate the time you took to understand my current background and bring context into the goals I want to achieve.  The sessions were very well explained. The results were amazing. Overall this has allowed me to achieve physical, emotional and dietary goals I would never think possible.  As you know, I have made a personal commitment to continue discovery towards enlightenment. I am excited that this something  actually works and through your guidance has only just begun this incredible journey of what life has to offer. "

    Victor L

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Experience the quality of a private session, including personal attention, individual exercise modifications, and corrections, fun and motivation that have become hallmarks of Cosmin’s teachings. Private yoga classes are great one-on-one experiences, concentrated on your specific needs: body, mind and soul.

All sessions are 90 minutes and conducted in the studio privacy of the RYK Center.
At home sessions can be arranged for special circumstances.


Private Yoga classes for couples / partners, family or friends are smaller than a large group class and merge the benefits of a one-on-one session with the dynamics of a group class. All sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

Prices on semi-private session are based on your group’s needs and/or requests.

For appointments or info, please call (702) 752-8205 or email cosmin@rykyoga.com.