The RYK Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training program changed my life!

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I stepped into RYK last November to attend a Reiki Circle, and Cosmin suggested that I sign up for Teacher Training. I already was and am a vinyasa yoga teacher, so I knew what a teacher training was about in a general sense, but was not completely sure it was what I needed at the moment. I knew trainings were life changing, as my first teacher training drastically changed mine, causing me to do things like switch my career and move across the country, and I had never even taken a kundalini yoga class, so I honestly wondered if Cosmin was just trying to market his training on me as a salesman when he suggested it to me. In retrospect however, I can honestly say, that I believe he saw, after talking to me, and doing Reiki on me, that Kundalini would help me heal, and he was right. When he told me that one year of Kundalini yoga was equal to twenty-two years of traditional yoga, I was in.

The training was not only transformative, but also wholesome and enriching. As a group of yoga students we enjoyed time together eating plenty of Indian food, taking Gong naps, meditating at Red Rock, experiencing ceremonies at a Sikh temple, and attending the Las Vegas Indian Food Festival to practice tying turbans. We also received lots of information on the teachings of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and history that other trainings I have taken never went into as much depth with. I now truly know yogic history, philosophy, the study of the chakras, nadis, and energy locks; things I had previously heard of plenty, but hadn’t truly known about.

Most importantly, we did a great deal of meditating and kriyas to work on our Selves. These mediations invoked a Self-love that transcended into believing in our higher Selves as teachers and human beings. I watched myself gain a glow, that others around me also picked up on without trying. Without being forced to practice teaching day in and day out, we naturally took on the authority of teachers and higher beings as we stepped into our own power by stripping off false layers, remembering our true Selves through the practice of love and compassion.

I quickly and deeply resonated with the Kundalini Yoga teachings because they reconnected me to my Self and my spiritual path. While doing the training I came to feel and know that God is inside of me, and I am able to access that power through these teachings and the guidance of the Kundalini masters such as Guru Ram Das, and Yogi Bhajan.

Lastly, the training brought me back to my sadhana. Sadhana is self-practice. I was introduced to sadhana 7 years ago in my first vinyasa yoga teacher training, and enjoyed doing it then, but had since gotten away from it. Coming back to it, and sticking to it, has been the biggest gift of the entire training. Sadhana starts the day on the right note, and builds my energy. It is a time where I can pray, set my intention for the day, clear away any fears, alleviate any pains in my body, and be with my Self; all things I always wanted to do, but was never making the effort to do prior. Since doing a daily sadhana every morning at daybreak, I have seen an increase in my energy level and overall performance in life; I remember to do things I always want to do, but used to neglect or forget, such as look in the mirror and say, “I love you,” or resist eating junk food. I am also more efficient, organized, and on top of daily tasks such as grocery shopping, grading papers as a professor, and planning classes; others truly cannot keep up with me. By 7am I have accomplished more than most humans do in three days, and I feel fantastic.

In November, when I walked into RYK Yoga and Meditation Center, I felt angry because of various components in my life that were making me sad and ashamed. Going through teacher training reminded me of my value, and my worth. It reinvigorated me, connected me to people on a higher vibration, who supported my growth, and brought a prosperous glow back into my life. The teachers, my fellow trainees, and the teachings I learned each month inspired me over and over again and continue to do so every time I walk through the doors of RYK. I am eternally gratefully that I took the training, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more, teaching, or re-discovering their highest potential.

By Sarah Brey