Yogi Tea

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Yogi Tea is health-promoting, delicious and soothing and a great coffee substitute. It is a health-promoting beverage and a tonic for the whole body. It strengthens the nervous system, energizes the body, clears the mind, and is both a remedy and preventive measure for colds, allergies, etc. In the science of yogic foods the spices used are said to have the following properties:

  • Black pepper: blood purifier
  • Cardamom pods: digestive aid
  • Cloves: beneficial to the nervous system
  • Cinnamon: strengthens the bones
  • Ginger root: healing for colds and flu, increases energy

The milk in the tea helps in the easy assimilation of spices. A homeopathic dose of black tea acts as an alloy for all the ingredients, creating just the right chemical balance.


For one cup:

10 ounces of water

3 whole cloves

4 whole green cardamom pods, cracked

4 whole black peppercorns

½ stick cinnamon

¼ teaspoon black tea

2 slices fresh ginger root

¼ cup milk (or soy milk), honey (or maple syrup)
To Make:

Bring water to a boil and add spices. Cover and boil 15 to 20 minutes, then add black tea. Let sit for a few minutes, remove from heat and strain. If desired you can add the milk and sweeten with honey or maple syrup. Enjoy it!